What is Focal Dystonia

The symptom manifests as a permanent involuntary contraction of the muscles of one or more parts of the body.

Focal Dystonia is a type of dystonia that affects a muscle or group of muscles in a specific part of the body.

Musician’s Focal Dystonia (MFD) is a special group among Task-Specific Focal Dystonia as a consequence of a repetitive motor activity closely related to the professional activity performed by musicians.

It is manifested gradually and progressively. (+)

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Living with Focal Dystonia

Many times I have heard someone to say: “I am a hypertensive or diabetic person,” or “I am a dystonic musician.”

All these are labels that we put on ourselves that are not giving us anything positive and do not contribute at all to overcome the disease or condition that affects us.

Why? Because by this, we create such a strong identification with the pathology, that we forget who we really are. This is not only applicable when we are affected by a disease, but also when any unfavorable situation that comes in our life leads us to say phrases such as “I am an unhappy person”. (+)

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Recovery is possible

From my own experience, I want to share the most important conclusions that I have reached, after having recovered from the symptoms of Focal Dystonia that I suffered in the index and ring fingers of my right hand.

It has been a journey of personal search, research, intuition and common sense.
A path of introspection and curiosity, wise choices and mistakes,… but above all these, a lot of determination, humility and patience.

The most important thing was to understand that the symptom did not keep any relation with any pathology of a physiological nature, but is was circumscribed to the scope of the brain and was closely related to what Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais calls “self-image” (+).

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This is my story

I am a Professor of Guitar, composer, arranger, and a passionate researcher about Musician’s Focal Dystonia, after having suffered this condition in the index and ring fingers of my right hand and having recovered completely by myself.

The symptoms appeared for the first time in 1990 on my index finger, while I was in the last year course of my guitar studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.

After a long pilgrimage of more than a year to the examination rooms of doctors, specialists, acupuncturists and all kinds of alternative physiotherapists, I only managed to get a name for what I suffered. It was no more and no less than an incurable disease called Focal Dystonia.

For eight years I believed what I had been told, until I decided, with a lot of determination and patience, to move toward my recovery. It was a work of reeducation of the movement in an extremely slow and aware way. In just under six years, my index finger worked perfectly again, but after that the symptoms appeared on the ring finger. I understood then, that in the work I had done I had left something important out: the origin of the problem.

Although this second time I counted with the advantage of my previous work, it was then, when I truly began a deep research and experimentation to dissolve that pattern that triggered those symptoms and dwelled in the emotional sphere.

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My name is Walter Silva

With the correct guidance, recovery from MFD (Musician’s Focal Dystonia) is possible.
If I have succeeded, you can also do!

Make a complete recovery from Focal Dystonia. Personalized online coaching

With the correct guidance, recovery from MFD (Musician’s Focal Dystonia) is possible.

First of all, I considere important to emphasize that 90% of the work for recovery from MFD must be yours. The other 10% is completed by the guidance, the tips and exercises that you will find in this site and that constitute the foundations for you to develop the ability to become your own MASTER in this absolutely personal process.

Do you want to know more about Focal Dystonia? Email me and I will contact you!

 “My experience with Walter’s program has been exceptional”

“… what is impactful is that he has a very defined methodology. He’s telling you why he’s doing the things that you are doing with him, he’s showing some practical exercises that you could use in your daily routine.

When I first met Walter, I couldn’t even play simple arpeggios, for instance “Spanish Romance”, and now I could play, somewhat, difficult pieces.

 My experience with Walter’s program has been exceptional. Walter is a great person, a great Maestro and I would not hesitate in recommending his methodology.

Thank you Walter!”

Ron Mayorga

Classical Guitarist

“Having sessions with Walter was the best choice for my recovery”

“When I contacted  Walter, I found in him a person with a great empathy and someone who really wants to help all those who suffer from this condition.

In my opinion, having sessions with Walter was the best choice for my recovery. I’m recovered 85 %. 

Walter helped me a lot to understand focal dystonia disorder and to view it in a positive light  and not as an incurable desease. 

I recommend anyone who’s suffering from musician’s focal dystonia to contact Walter. Walter is an affable person, he’s very professional, he’s an empathic person and someone who’s caring for others before his Self-interest.

I recommend Walter 100 % and I do it from the bottom of my heart. 

I hope that for all of you it is also very helpful.”

Oscar Almonte

Guitarist, Producer & Songwriter

Eternally grateful!

Walter, I’m very happy to report that ever since we’ve talked there’s been a fundamental shift to the way I am approaching the way I play and I’ve been seeing really fundamental changes. I think our talked clicked in a deep level and has allowed me to see how I should be really thinking and reacting to dystonic tension. I can play with way less spasms and tension and now, for the first time ever, am 100% sure that Dystonia will be eventually in my rearview mirror.

So, thank you very much!!! I am eternally grateful for the advice and help you’ve given me.


Gonçalo Crespo

Profesional Guitarist

My name is Walter Silva, I'm a classical guitarist
Recovery from Musician’s Focal Dystonia is possible

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