Month: March 2020

On / by Walter Silva / in Distonia Focal del Guitarrista

Coronavirus and Musician’s Focal Dystonia, two sides of the same coin

This alarm situation that we live around the world has generated a wave of fear and concern for our health, as well as for our economic situation.

The confinement in our homes, in turn, leaves us alone in the face of all those ghosts and with a lot of time to think, which can contribute to further feed those fears and uncertainties and lead us to a state of anxiety that paralyzes us completely.

Let’s say that while our bodies are confined to our homes, our minds are traveling in the future trying to face something uncertain.

We can face the now, but we cannot face a mental projection.

It’s okay to make decisions and take certain actions NOW that can positively affect our future, but we can’t deal with what hasn’t happened yet.

Something similar happens with focal dystonia. Our noisy mind has accompanied us during long hours of study mining our heads with false slogans and erroneous ideals. Grandiose words like success and failure have taken their toll on our thoughts and almost without realizing it we begin to panic to fail, not to like…

Little by little we were losing the spontaneity and joy of “DOING”, without expecting anything in return. The pleasure of being in the NOW.

The DFM recovery process especially requires a very large presence state. This deep state of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is the one that manages to silence the noisy mind, the one that destroys that bridge of anxiety that leads you to uncertainty, to that illusory mental projection that we call the future.

So I encourage you to take advantage of the time that life offers you at this moment and use it in a CONSCIOUS way.

SELF-AWARENESS is the door that leads you to recovery and liberation.

I guarantee it is a worthwhile experience!