Author: Máximo Trujillo

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Retraining off the strings

Our knee, a good helper for recovery from MFD (Musician’s Focal Dystonia)

For a long time I have been flying every week between Madrid and Gran Canaria, in fact, I continue to do so. That is five hours of flight in total, which I have been able to take advantage of for my recovery from the DFM (Focal Dystonia of the Musician).

Sometimes it is necessary to distance ourselves from our instrument and work outside the environment in which the symptoms occur.

If with the hand in the air, that is, without friction force, we are able to carry out the correct movements with our fingers, we should be able to transfer this action over a medium that offers us some resistance, such as our knee.

This is an intermediate point between the practically zero friction force offered by the air and the most considerable resistance of the strings.

Try it and tell me!